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Meet David

I'm a proud resident of Illinois. I love my state. Born and raised here, I decided to raise my family in this beautiful Community. I'm from humble beginnings, just like most people. I studied hard in school and excelled in sports. After high school, I chose to serve my country. I joined the United States Navy. I felt it was right to serve this same nation that gave myself and my family great opportunities. I followed orders and wanted to be a great sailor. To serve this country and the flag was my honor. Later, I felt another calling. That calling was to be a Police Officer. I worked hard to make this dream happen. The opportunity to help to serve others. To protect those that could not defend themselves. I was soon hired by the Cook County Sheriff's department. Just like I took my oath in the Navy, I swore to SERVE all the citizens of Cook County. It doesn't matter who you are. Religion, race or political party have no boundaries. If you needed help, I would be there for you. As a Sheriff's Officer, I've worked in various units. I've received many commendations and medals for bravery. I have seen violence first hand. I've held the victims of crime, holding them as they cried. I've witnessed parents breakdown at the news of their child just dying or being killed just hours before. The more I worked the job, I felt I was more than a Police Officer. I felt like a counselor there to help. This was my true calling to serve.

After almost three decades working for the Sheriff's Office, I retired. I have always had businesses on my off-duty time. I always wanted to properly provide for my children and their education. As a businessman I learned to budget and spend within my means. To be responsible. I know how taxes can be a burden on small businesses. I've been there. Yet, I worked hard, so my businesses would be successful, providing jobs to my Community. Soon. I was called yet again to serve. I became the Police Chief of a town in the Chicago suburbs close to my home. I found it an honor to lead the finest Police Officers in this state. I found it a privilege to be given this position by the Mayor and the city leaders. The responsibility rested on my shoulders to create a plan to protect the town's residents and reduce crime. As the Chief Executive of the department, I developed plans to streamline our budget. Meanwhile, providing the best in-service training available to our officers. To make sure they work with the best equipment available. From radios to the squad cars. I also care about fitness not just physically, but mentally. The job comes with stress and I want to make sure I'm there to support them. I am working with local departments and the Sheriff's department to utilize new ideas to combat crime and work with prosecutors to put criminals away. 

Just as I've served in the Navy, the Sheriff's Office and now as Chief of Police, I would like to continue to serve as your next State Representative. I would like to be your voice. Your representation. I have a plan to fix this state. I'm offering solutions, not false promises. You deserve a leader who stands up for the people. To care for the seniors and the veterans. A plan for the youth. To reduce taxes. To fix our pension crisis and economy. Our roads and bridges are crumbling with no plan to fix them. We need to rebuild and restore Illinois. I have the tools to fix this crisis. With your support we build a future for our children, so they don't have to pay for the mistakes that this generation has made for them. We want them to have opportunities. Let us do this together.

Thank you!

David Sheppard


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