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Let me carry out this pledge to you. When elected, I will fight every day to serve you and your households. I will serve your interests and, with my vote, I will advocate to improve your lives. My strategy is simple. I want Illinois residents to be treated and not taken advantage of. You are not an ATM or bank, so when a politician spends more on nonsense projects, they can boost your taxes, depriving you and families of the money you have to pay for bills and children's school and college. It is time you have a lawmaker that cares for Illinois enough to put in with what we have and not to raise taxes time after time. My method includes:

Lower taxes

Fiscal spending responsibility

Strengthen our credit rating

Save our pensions

Reduce regulations

Protect our crops and farmers

School choice

Daycare vouchers

Expanded Senior benefits, including travel vouchers,

Reduce pharmaceutical costs

Increase drug awareness programs

Youth drop-in centers and mentoring programs

Hire more Police

Repeal anti-Police bills

Combat gangs and drugs

Veteran awareness and rebuild VA nursing homes

Eliminate homelessness

Root out corruption

Infrastructure programs


Committee to Elect David Sheppard
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