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"Change is coming soon here in Illinois!"


Welcome, my name is David Sheppard. I'm a father, son, and husband. I love my family and I love this great state, Illinois. As a veteran, I served the United States in the Navy. In Illinois, I served my Community as a Police Officer for almost three decades. I now want to serve Illinois as your next State Representative in the 36th District. I NEED YOUR HELP....when I am elected, I will serve every Illinois resident, regardless of race, religion, or political party. Too many business and citizens fled this great state after the governor shutdowns, causing families to lose their jobs and homes. 

As a Police Officer, I have seen what crime has done to our families and communities. It’s time for leadership that will not criminalize Police work, but instead hold criminals accountable for their actions. I will create civil and criminal liabilities for those who release dangerous criminals, only for them to later commit murder and other hideous crimes. We need to combat the criminals and take back our streets. In Cook County alone, there were over 1,000 homicides in 2021. I have a plan to correct this. It starts with prevention and targeting our youth through education and opportunity and strong enforcement of our laws. 

The reason I am reaching out to you is that I cannot do this alone! Time and time again, the politicians who are supposed to be helping us are instead raising our taxes and giving us needless regulations. This has to stop. Illinois has lost more than a third of small business via Covid-19 isolation of in business. Many restaurants, stores, and industries have shuttered their doors only to move to other states for tax relief. As taxpayers, we have to suffer for this through needless tax increases, and homes having doubled in cost over the last 20 years. We have rising inflation, cost of living, price for groceries, as well as fuel for our vehicles and home. As a father, I know the effects this has on a household budget.

It is time for YOUR VOICE to count through your vote! I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and your right to own a weapon. I will support our veterans and seniors, and see that they get the proper care that they deserve. Our children are becoming victims to a new social agenda that more is learned on the internet than in classrooms. Help me keep our students learning critical skills and not things that will corrupt their young minds. Finally, we have to end the needless mandates that are shutting down Illinois. I promise you this. I will open Illinois. I will protect Illinois. Once and for all, I will move Illinois forward and not backward to a new economic and secure prosperity. Thank you for your support!

David Sheppard

Candidate for Illinois Representative, 36


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